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Waffle Shorts

Waffle Shorts -
Compare Smug Rabbit Waffle Shorts Prices

If you want to buy kinky underwear for men, check out our waffle shorts, a perfect match to the matching t-shirt, or just wear on its own. It is kinky which ever way you choose! Made with fantastic, stretchy, unique washable waffle fabric. ManufacturerShameProduct Code3046MaterialWaffle  *Pl
Waffle Pouch

Waffle Pouch -
Compare Smug Rabbit Waffle Pouch Prices

This fantastic quality waffle fabric pouch is perfectly shaped to fit all men! Features a thong back with waffle fabric. Naughty naughty! ManufacturerShameProduct Code3026MaterialWaffle  *Please note all measurements are approximate.
Waffle Gstring

Waffle Gstring -
Compare Smug Rabbit Waffle Gstring Prices

This is a really sexy style for men, a g-string with a Wonderful Waffle front, providing maximum coverage at the front with ooodles of sexy appeal! ManufacturerShameProduct Code5948MaterialWaffle  *Please note all measurements are approximate.
Waffle Dress

Waffle Dress -
Compare Smug Rabbit Waffle Dress Prices

This is a super sexy strapless dress, that will make you look and feel so exciting! The dress has a garter-strap fastening accessories the open back. ManufacturerShameProduct Code3030MaterialWaffle  *Please note all measurements are approximate.
Waffle Booty Panty

Waffle Booty Panty -
Compare Smug Rabbit Waffle Booty Panty Prices

This cheeky waffle booty panty is another fantastic addition to our waffle range! This sexy booty panty has a raunchy lace up back at each side so that you can get a great fit too! ManufacturerShameProduct Code3353MaterialWaffle  *Please note all measurements are approximate.
Long Waffle Gloves

Long Waffle Gloves -
Compare Smug Rabbit Long Waffle Gloves Prices

Wear these seductive waffle gloves, leaving your fingers free to do the touching. ManufacturerShameProduct Code3016MaterialWaffle  *Please note all measurements are approximate.
Waffle Tube Top

Waffle Tube Top -
Compare Smug Rabbit Waffle Tube Top Prices

This gorgeous tube top is kinky with its 2 thick garter fastening at the front, and the waffle fabric really is fab: stretchy and sexy. ManufacturerShameProduct Code3029MaterialWaffle  *Please note all measurements are approximate.
Waffle Nippleless Bra

Waffle Nippleless Bra -
Compare Smug Rabbit Waffle Nippleless Bra Prices

This is a very kinky bra that matches perfectly with all our waffle clothing. Simply adjust the bra straps to make it fit you on the shoulders, the rest of this sexy garment is stretchy and fits 8-14. ManufacturerShameProduct Code3535MaterialWaffle  *Please note all measurements are approxim
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