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2009 Male Catalog

2009 Male Catalog -
Compare Smug Rabbit 2009 Male Catalog Prices

Get the hottest, dirtiest edition of Stockroom’s notorious Male-Only print catalog today! To celebrate our 20th anniversary we created what may be our hottest male-focused catalog to date. Packed with glossy, graphic, full-color shots of sexy men doing dirty things to each other, this deluxe co
Mens Stockroom Handcuff T-Shirt

Mens Stockroom Handcuff T-Shirt -
Compare Smug Rabbit Mens Stockroom Handcuff T-Shirt Prices

New Colors Added! Show your love for and for the kink lifestyle with a new Stockroom Tshirt. The Stockroom Tshirt is 100% cotton, form-fitting Tshirt with a great print of a pair of handcuffs across the front, and our slogan, "Its only seems kinky the first time," on the back.
Cock Crimper

Cock Crimper -
Compare Smug Rabbit Cock Crimper Prices

Put a kink in your cock with our Crimper… Hand-crafted from hammered brass, the two rings of the Cock Crimper fold your penis snug against your body to restrain your developing erection and prevent your cock from getting hard. Cruel y
Penis Prison w/ Pin Prick Lining

Penis Prison w/ Pin Prick Lining -
Compare Smug Rabbit Penis Prison w/ Pin Prick Lining Prices

This devious chastity device imprisons the penis and torments it with pin pricks. The Penis Prison w/ Pin Prick Lining consists of a zippered black leather pouch, held in place by a lined elastic band and a thin, leather cock strap that takes a small lock. The inside lining of the prison contains
KinkLab 5 Gates of Hell, Leather

KinkLab 5 Gates of Hell, Leather -
Compare Smug Rabbit KinkLab 5 Gates of Hell, Leather Prices

5 metal rings, connected by a leather strap for male constraint and adornment is thrilled to introduce the KinkLab line, a place where you can test the limits of pleasure with aid from high-quality, appealing, and functional products. KinkLab products are designed
Fuck Saw

Fuck Saw -
Compare Smug Rabbit Fuck Saw Prices

The Fuck Saw is a very special hand held fucking machine that can fuck really hard using the motion and six different speeds of a reciprocating saw. The special red rod is a Saw Vac-U-Lock Adapter that attaches to the saw in place of a blade. The Vac-U-Lock dong attachment then slips over the rod. Y
The Pleasure Box Stand

The Pleasure Box Stand -
Compare Smug Rabbit The Pleasure Box Stand Prices

When used in conjunction with this Optional Stand, the Pleasure Box sex machine has many angle adjustments. This stand allows for height adjustment, and makes the sex machine capable of pivoting upwards and downwards with adjustable angles. It is easy to install. No tools required. Make the most of
Dual Motion, Handheld Sex Machine

Dual Motion, Handheld Sex Machine -
Compare Smug Rabbit Dual Motion, Handheld Sex Machine Prices

Put your favorite cordless drill to good use with this Dual Motion, Handheld Sex Machine. Simply plug your favorite variable-speed cordless drill into this machine and the sex machine is powered and ready to please. This fucking machine is the smallest, handiest, most versatile handheld device f
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