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1-1/4" metal c ring

1-1/4" metal c ring -
Compare Smug Rabbit 1-1/4" metal c ring Prices

Cock Ring 1. 5 Inch is made from welded steel. Metal Cock Ring is manufactured by Spartacus in the USA.
Lex steele big man xl steel cockring

Lex steele big man xl steel cockring -
Compare Smug Rabbit Lex steele big man xl steel cockring Prices

Make your package look even more impressive with this sleekly designed cock ring. Rendered in metal, this hardcore accessory is sure to impress both you and your lover. Rounded edges and a smoothed seam provide a comfortable wearing experience. A brushed-texture finish adds a special visual touch.
Black steel c ring set

Black steel c ring set -
Compare Smug Rabbit Black steel c ring set Prices

Black Steel Cock Ring Set comes in three sizes. One each black welded rings: 1. 5, 1.75 and 2 inches wide. Black Steel Cock Rings are manufactured by Spartacus in the USA. Spartacus has been producing the highest quality of erotic hardware and the fineast hand-crafted leather goods since 1987.
2" black steel c ring

2" black steel c ring -
Compare Smug Rabbit 2" black steel c ring Prices

Cock Ring is made from a welded metal material. Black Steel Cock Ring measures two inches. Cock Ring is manufactured by Spartacus in the USA.
Ben wa balls

Ben wa balls -
Compare Smug Rabbit Ben wa balls Prices

It's the cats meow! The Cats Eyes Agitating Steel Love Balls come in a sturdy plastic case with foam insert. The 0.625" heavy steel balls float freely in your vagina helping you strengthen your pelvic muscles and increases orgasms. They will have you lapping up satisfaction!
Janas butterfly ring

Janas butterfly ring -
Compare Smug Rabbit Janas butterfly ring Prices

Let Jana show you how it's done with Jana's Wireless Butterfly Ring and get prolonged vibrating pleasure you can both enjoy! This gorgeous vibrating cock ring is made of soft stretchy jelly so it boosts performance and makes you last much longer. Meanwhile the soft jelly butterfly teases your clit,
Enhancing cream secret garden

Enhancing cream secret garden -
Compare Smug Rabbit Enhancing cream secret garden Prices

Multiply her pleasure by applying a dab of this orgasm enhancing cream directly to the clitoral area. Made with stimulating ingredients like Menthol, L-Arginine, and L-Ornithine, it makes the flesh tingle and increases bloodflow and sensation to the area, resulting in increased pleasure.Volume: 1 o
Massage candle desire/vanilla

Massage candle desire/vanilla -
Compare Smug Rabbit Massage candle desire/vanilla Prices

This beautifully scented candle has a dual purpose; to fragrance the room with a delightful aromatic blend, and to serve as a warmed massage oil for intimate moments. Stored in a tin decorated with erotic Japanese art, this candle can be lit for approximately 20 minutes to provide a sexy scent. Th
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