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Mimi -
Compare Smug Rabbit Mimi Prices

We're so proud to offer this lavish dildo for the g-spot at a fraction of the price of certain luxury sex toys. The powdery blue is totally groovy, a retro look with modern shape that is frequently seen on dildos costing hundreds of dollars.

Decoller -
Compare Smug Rabbit Decoller Prices

A stunning little vibrator with tons of power for such a tiny package. It looks good, real good, and feels like silk when held. Four little pegs help the vibrator to stand upright. Turn this base to insert the 2 AAA batteries which are sold separately and twist it tight, hear a click and it's closed
Gal Pal Strapless Strap On

Gal Pal Strapless Strap On -
Compare Smug Rabbit Gal Pal Strapless Strap On Prices

What happens when a dildo meets vibrator? They join together and create an entirely new type of couples sex toy - the strapless strap on. It almost seems like this sex toy is the result of a bunch of bored adult toy makers. Surely a popular device for adult film stars, you can bring it home and real
Posh Beads

Posh Beads -
Compare Smug Rabbit Posh Beads Prices

It's time to rethink anal beads. Often the last option for couples, the difficulty in proper cleaning is an obvious reason many people don't want to even go there, but thanks to this brand new option, it's never been easier then before to try the pleasure of anal beads without the dirtiness.
Blonde Vibrating Pocket Pussy

Blonde Vibrating Pocket Pussy -
Compare Smug Rabbit Blonde Vibrating Pocket Pussy Prices

Floppy and flexible silicone pocket pussy is hand painted to accentuate every one of this lady's soft sumptuous folds and curves. Hand painted delicate curves are pleasing to the eye. Dive into those perky, begging pussy lips and you'll find yourself down a pleas
Brown Sexy Snatch

Brown Sexy Snatch -
Compare Smug Rabbit Brown Sexy Snatch Prices

Some shoppers are scared away by the thought of a sub 20 dollar pocket pussy, but this original device works perfectly fine. It's tight and long, featuring a deeply ribbed chamber that fits like a leather glove. The finest feature you can't see lies in the top, there is a row of
Wall Banger Dolphin Vibe

Wall Banger Dolphin Vibe -
Compare Smug Rabbit Wall Banger Dolphin Vibe Prices

The perfect shower companion for any woman. This waterproof and finely detailed penis has a powerful suction cup base to stick to the side of the shower, or to the ledge of the bath tub. This is the perfect classy addition to the jacuzzi tub. This dolphin vibrator with suction cup is
Waterproof Egg Vibrator

Waterproof Egg Vibrator -
Compare Smug Rabbit Waterproof Egg Vibrator Prices

A fat and blunt waterproof egg vibrator. The large surface area means that you get more vibrations over a wide area giving you not only clitoral vibration, but it stimulates and vibrates on your lips as well. Be sure to twist the battery compartment shut tight enough and you can
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