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Bam Realistic Supercock

Bam Realistic Supercock -
Compare Smug Rabbit Bam Realistic Supercock Prices

Bam Realistic Supercock If you’ve been looking for the beef, then look no further "Bam" is here! Molded directly from adult star "Bam" this big black cock will satisfy even the horniest size queen! Realistic in every aspect even down to the thick vein
Jeff Stryker Vibrating Dong

Jeff Stryker Vibrating Dong -
Compare Smug Rabbit Jeff Stryker Vibrating Dong Prices

Jeff Stryker Vibrating Dong Have Sex With A Legend!   Jeff Stryker Vibrating Dong is a real life casting of UR3® (Ultra Realistic 3.0 material) measuring almost 10" long and 2" wide (that's almost 7" around!) For over 25 years Jeff Stryker has be
Francois Sagat Supercock

Francois Sagat Supercock -
Compare Smug Rabbit Francois Sagat Supercock Prices

Francois Sagat Supercock Fans of this mighty muscled porn-god rejoice! Now, you get an exact replica of his flawless, uncut cock to experience in your own backdoor! This darkly mysterious Frenchmen hit the shores of America in 2006 and has been in constant
Red Silicone 9" Dong

Red Silicone 9" Dong -
Compare Smug Rabbit Red Silicone 9" Dong Prices

Red Silicone 9" Dong Pick Your Pleasure With These Colorful Dongs!   Make play time special with these soft silicon cocks with balls. The 7” version (#4339) is rea
Rascal The Thug

Rascal The Thug -
Compare Smug Rabbit Rascal The Thug Prices

Rascal The Thug You’ll think you’ve been physically violated once Rascal’s “The Thug” invades your back door! This hefty realistic dildo supplies 8 full inches of insertion with an expansive 7-inch girth. It’s made of 100
Incapacitator 9" Dong

Incapacitator 9" Dong -
Compare Smug Rabbit Incapacitator 9" Dong Prices

Incapacitator 9" Dong “A Big Piece At A Small Price!”   You get almost 2 lbs. worth of pleasuring in this nicely priced hefty Big Boy Dong! Enjoy over 2 1/2" of width and 9" of length that delivers the ultimate anal filling experience! Co
Colt Multi-Speed Power Bullet

Colt Multi-Speed Power Bullet -
Compare Smug Rabbit Colt Multi-Speed Power Bullet Prices

Colt Multi-Speed Power Bullet The COLT Power Pack Bullet is both ergonomic and economic! Grab the EZ grip power pack in one hand and pop the bullet in your soon-to-be-happy hole. While you control the multi-speed vibration through the wire remote, you&rsquo
5 Piece Ultimate Orgasm Kit

5 Piece Ultimate Orgasm Kit -
Compare Smug Rabbit 5 Piece Ultimate Orgasm Kit Prices

5 Piece Ultimate Orgasm Kit Everything You Need For Total Anal Satisfaction! Experience backdoor thrills with this sexy kit designed for stimulating anal play! Start off by warming up your fanny with the 5” chrome vibe. This sleek and stylish vibrator
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